The Sweet Side of Paleo Life – 5 Paleo-Friendly Desserts

It’s no secret that the Paleo way of eating is unlike most diets out there. While many diets are hallmarked by a strict set of calorie counting and deprivation, the Paleo lifestyle is all about gaining the maximum nutrition and benefits from everything you eat, and feeling satisfied instead of deprived. As such, it is no wonder that the Paleo diet has plenty of room to include desserts and snacks. The difference with a Paleo treat is that Paleo treats are free from harmful ingredients like grains, sugar, dairy, processed foods, and white potatoes. Instead Paleo treats are made with healthy, nutrient dense foods like healthy fats, nuts, seeds, and fruits that satisfy your sweet tooth and nourish your body. If you are new to the Paleo lifestyle, or just looking for some fresh ideas for Paleo treats, check out these treats and enjoy!

1. Paleo Parfait. Layer fresh berries with whipped coconut cream and top with chopped nuts for a delicious parfait that’s perfect any time of the day. In addition to a sweet taste, you’ll get plenty of antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fat.

2. Chia Pudding. Mix up this filling pudding by adding two tablespoons of chia seeds to a cup of almond or coconut milk. Add extra flavor by including cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa, or a dash of maple syrup. This treat will give you a creamy taste along with protein, fiber, and the all-important omega 3 fatty acids.

3. Faux Ice Cream. A frozen banana blended with scoop of almond butter will provide you with a snack that’s remarkably similar to ice cream, but without all the inflammatory damage caused by dairy and sugar. Plus, bananas give you a healthy dose of potassium and almond butter provides a great source of vitamin E.

4. Coconut Flour and Almond Meal Baked Goods. A host of recipes for Paleo baked goods are available, but opt for ones that involve blending coconut flour and almond meal. You’ll get cookies, cakes, and quick breads that give you protein, fiber, and healthy fat while they satisfy your craving for sweet.

5. Fruit Bars. If you need a quick snack, it’s hard to beat a homemade fruit and nut energy bar. Blend equal parts cashews and dates together in the food processor, stir in dried fruit of choice, form into bar shape, and your all set with an antioxidant, vitamin, and healthy fat packed snack!


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