Lose weight and build muscle with the Ketogenic Diet

Low-carb vegetables

The main objective of low carb, Ketogenic diet plan is to improve health by switching the metabolism to burn fat rather than burning glucose or sugar. This is gained through a metabolic stage called ketosis. Ketosis is a normal process in which body cells burns ketones which are molecules used to make energy instead of depending on carbohydrates or sugar. When the body is in a Ketosis metabolic state, the lipid energy metabolism is complete or intact. The body will start breaking down your body fat to get the fuel required for everyday functions. Ketogenic diet helps to build muscle, and usually adopted by the athletes and wrestlers.

Benefits of ketosis

1. Utilization of fat fuel
Ketosis helps in increasing the body’s capability to utilize fat fuel. During high carb diet, the body usually supposes an outside source for energy provision. But in the state of ketosis, the body becomes efficient at activating the inside fats for energy.

2. No need for oxidization
During the ketosis process, your body moves towards protein sparing effect assuming you are consuming a sufficient amount of protein (0.7 gram of per pound of body weight per day) and calories. Also in this process the body prefers ketones over glucose. Since the body has abundant quantity of fat, there is no need to oxidize the protein to produce glucose through gluconeogenesis.

3. Low level of insulin
This process lowers the insulin in the body which is reason behind greater lipolysis and free glycerol discharge as compared to typical diet plans in which insulin level is around 80-120. Insulin has a lipolysis-blocking effect constraining the use of fatty acid as energy. Also, when insulin is low, useful hormones are released in the human body. These hormones include growth hormone and other powerful growth related factors.

4. Squash the appetite
Another hidden secret behind Ketogenic diet is that when in the state of ketosis, ketones due to high protein intake seem to subdue the appetite. On the other hand, a high carb diet increases hunger levels. This is because you have lot of fat intake on a Ketogenic diet which contains 9 calories per gram. It’s not necessary to be hungry on a reduced calorie diet. Ketosis is a valuable process the human body developed as an altered system when food is unavailable. The Ketone body condition has been observed as a cure to many diseases and prevents the body from infections. It has now been used to treat medicinal condition such as epilepsy, autism, cancer and diabetes etc.


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