5 Foods to Avoid for Healthy, Younger-Looking Skin

Food is the fuel for the engine of our body, and one cannot deny the fact we are what we eat. Some foods are beneficial for our health, but there are a few that simply ruin the physical fitness and skin.

How healthy your skin is, how young and vibrant you look, whether you have acne problems or not is heavily reliant on your diet. It is a fact that genetics, environmental factors and other lifestyle choices play an important part, but it would be hard to find a dermatologist or skin specialist that would not consider food a factor in deciding about your skin condition and diseases. Below are five foods that must be avoided for healthy and vibrant skin.

1. White bread
White bread is a common breakfast across the globe. It has been used in numerous recipes. A recent Australian study has revealed the fact that high glycemic foods such as cakes, white bread and pasta have been linked to an increase in acne. Therefore one should stick to whole grain breads and pasta. Whole wheat oat is rich in anti-oxidants and has been found to treat acne.

2. Candies
The sweet little candies which all of us love to munch frequently have high sugar content, and over-eating sugar causes wrinkles and dull skin. Candies actually damage your collagen and elastin that is the most important fiber that keeps your skin firm and youthful. Damaging it causes dryness which leads to wrinkles and sagging. This means in order to reduce wrinkle and combat aging avoid deserts and candies.

3. Chips
Loaded with refined and saturated carbs, these little crispy and crunchy snacks increase the inflammation of DNA and collaging injurious oxidative stress. As the time passes by you will notice more wrinkles, fine lines and aged appearance. These refined carbs are the main cause of increased acne complaints in adults.

4. Juices and Sodas
Juices and sodas are the most common summer drinks. But most of us don’t know how harmful these drinks are for our skin health. These are only sugar delivery vehicles. These sodas and juices are high in sugar content but also lack fiber which makes a more negative on our skin. Fiber is significant for preventing blood sugar swipes that prematurely age skin.

5. Fast Food
From nearly two decades, almost the entire population of the world had become crazy about those fast food outlets. These are not only destructive for our health but also leave an effect on the skin. Most of us are not aware of the fact that their high GI and saturated fat laden menus can leave you with spots and pimples. Western diets contain more traditional fried foods that are disastrous for the skin health.


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